Create and deliver innovative Semiconductor test solutions that becomes the standard for the industry.

our services

Your company will need to have access to the latest market and technology information to be able to make the right decissions at the right time. You need to select a partner in business that can help you in growing your business.

QenTest can help you with taking the right decisions and selecting the correct technology and production solutions. We are able to guide you throught the world wide web of relevant information.

ATE test engineering and solutions

Enabling companies to have acces to low cost, digital, analog, mixed signal and RF ATE program development and related product development

Device qualification and characterization

Extensive knowhow in device qualification according to defined standards


Expertise of techniques like Bist (Build in selftest), DFT (Design for testability) and how to use these techniques for testing to make chips better and more efficient testable

Semiconductor production volume test

ATE production tester centre for low and mid volume Semiconductor production testing. We can deliver a "One stop shop" supply chain service

about us

QenTest B.V. is a company in the east of the Netherlands with more that 30 years per person experience in the ATE Semiconductor market and test engineering. We provide the customer with the best possible solutions for semiconductor production by utilizing our expertise and experience.
We share our expertise to educate customers and newcomers, learn from others in the semiconductor market to expand our knowledge. We create and deliver innovative Semiconductor test solutions that becomes the standard for the industry and need to be sustainable solutions to protect our environment.

What we do

QenTest's main focus will be semiconductor test. Both engineering and full production services combined with product development in a Technology Centre to be able to secure and expand the knowledge of Semiconductor test in Europe and specifically in the Netherlands. The complete flow from chip design idea to customer delivery of tested devices can be delivered by QenTest as a "One Stop Shop" concept.

our expertise

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